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Once the word got out that David Price had signed the BIGGEST deal for a pitcher in MLB history, former Dodger Zach Greinke assumed he would be able to strike a deal similar to Price’s. Having money on his mind, Greinke topped Price’s deal as he signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks for 6 years, $206.5 million.

The NL Cy Young runner-up proved that he can dominate the National League West by recording 19 wins with a 1.66 ERA, the best in the league. Had it not been for the dominant Jake Arrieta, Greinke would have had the Cy Young locked up.

The Diamondbacks are a team that needs great improvement among their pitching staff if they have any hopes at making a playoff run. Going out and signing Zach Greinke to a long term deal is the perfect way to start fixing their pitching problem. If Greinke continues to dominate the league in 2016 the same way he did in 2015, Arizona should have no problem making a run for their first  postseason berth since 2011.

-T. Ilardi

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