Late Thriller in Indy

(Picture via @foxsports)

The Spartans had the ball late in the fourth quarter, needing a touchdown. They were driving down the field when they converted yet another first down; then came the red flag.

Michigan State got a bad break with the challenge.  They were firing on all cylinders when the game was put on pause.  The Iowa defense got a chance to catch their breath, and to make matters worse, the ruling of a completed pass was overturned.

The Spartans now faced third down and eight to go. Quarterback Connor Cook converted a key pass to Aaron Burbridge.  He threaded the needle between the Iowa corner and safety.  Then the consistent run game from LJ Scott kept the drive alive.

And then came another huge play that kept the drive, and the Spartans season, alive. A quarterback keeper converts on fourth and two. Cook took some big hits from the tough Iowa defense and dug deep to keep this drive going.

Finally, LJ Scott with the second, third, and fourth effort gets the ball across the plane.  That’s a replay we are going to see for days to come.

What a game. Hard nosed players on both sides of the ball. It’s a shame that Iowa will miss out on the college football playoffs, especially after an undefeated regular season.  However, with that game winning drive, you can’t say Michigan State didn’t deserve the win. We’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for the Spartans in the college football playoff.

~R. Ilardi

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