Liberty University in Political Crossfire

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I usually don’t agree with anything from Liberty University after they ended Coastal Carolina’s perfect football season on a blocked field goal in the final seconds of the last game last season.  However, this is a matter of more than winning a game.  This is bigger than that.

Jerry Falwell Jr., President of Liberty University, has come under heavy fire from liberal politicians and media as of late.  Falwell gave a speech in which he told his students that he was licensed to carry a concealed weapon, and urged students to pursue getting their permits as well.  He was critical of President Obama’s stance on gun control, stating later that, “…if more good people carried firearms, then we could end those Muslims before they killed them.”

This statement caused waves after the recent terrorism acts, including the attack most recently in California. It did not take long before the liberal media and politicians converted it into political propaganda.  Now, I will say that Falwell should have used the phrase “radical Islamic terrorists” rather than the word “Muslim,” although anyone who listened to his speech could have understood what he meant.  That would have prevented Hillary Clinton from doing what she did on ABC’s news program.

Hilary Clinton, the Democrat party front runner, went on national television and spoke out against Falwell’s words.  She called the Liberty President’s words “hateful” and “deplorable”.  She carried on in twisting Falwell’s words and making the listener believe that he was speaking about all Muslims.  Falwell being painted as some kind of animal on national television, in a segment where he was not there to defend himself, seemed wrong.  He is a moral man, son of the late Jerry Falwell Sr., who was a Baptist minister.

Falwell appeared on Fox News’s Hannity last night, not to retract his words, but to defend them.  The link below shows the interview in which Jerry Falwell Jr. shows his true character.  Falwell went into saying that the university would not allow students under the age of twenty one to carry a gun.  He understands the maturity and responsibility that is required to carry a gun.  Liberty University also offers a free program to groom students to be good gun owners.  He referenced the Virginia Tech shooting as well.  Falwell said that if someone were to come into Liberty University with a gun, then you would not see the carnage that happened at VT and lives would be saved.  The most powerful thing that Falwell did in my opinion, was reach out to the victim’s families in the latest terror attack.  Liberty University is working with families to make a college education possible for all of them.

Some make the argument that if guns were illegal, then none of this would be happening.  However, I like to draw on the comparison to illegal drugs or even as far back as alcohol during prohibition.  There is always a black market for evil doers to get what they want.  If you take away guns, then the law abiding citizens will not be able to defend themselves against an inevitable evil.  I challenge anyone against gun rights to ask yourself the following.  If your family was in a room with a crazed gunman (of whatever race and religion you find politically correct), wouldn’t you want them to be able to defend them?

Link to Jerry Falwell Jr.’s interview with Hannity on Fox News 12/7/15:

-R. Ilardi


1 thought on “Liberty University in Political Crossfire”

  1. I am not shocked that instead of defending an accomplished member of academia’s first amendment, she demonizes his freedom of expression and him as an individual. So she doesn’t support for second amendment and now the first. When does it end?


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