NFL Kardashians

To quote the great Kirk Cousins, I like that!  Yes, Coach had the stones to say what a lot of people are thinking now a days.  In case you missed it, today on NFL Live, former NFL coach Herm Edwards blew a gasket.  I had to make a Walmart run halfway through the speech to get a new couch cover because I wet myself when he slammed the desk.

Coach said, “They ain’t talking about the game, they’re talking about nonsense.”  Herm is ticked off, and rightfully so.  This generation of football players, at the skilled positions specifically, seem to care more about the celebration they do after the play than they care about actually making the play.  Hey buddy, they just converted on third and long, you shouldn’t be whipping to the camera just because you made an arm tackle.  I feel your pain, Coach.

When you have a player complaining to the owner that he didn’t get enough touches DURING A WIN, you know the league has reached the level of epidemic.  One, your team won the game. If your team had lost the game, then yeah, maybe bring up that you could have gotten the ball more.  And two, be man enough to go to your boss. Don’t go to your boss’s boss without the respect of first asking the coach what’s up.  If you can’t summon up the testicular fortitude to confront the coach in a professional way, you probably shouldn’t be running the ball in the NFL anyway.

I’m fairly certain you realized I am referring to DeMarco Murray by now.  Some people are making the case that, “Oh, he was sitting next to the owner on the plane, it wasn’t like he scheduled a meeting!  His dissatisfaction merely came up naturally in discussion!”  (And that’s not me speculating, I actually heard that on the radio).  No.  That’s wrong.  I’m not even going to waste my time entertaining that idea.

I’m sick and tired of seeing individuals play games rather than teams play games.  It happens far too often and it tarnishes the art that is sport.  I hope this is a trend the next generation of athletes can overcome, because I’m tired of seeing millionaires getting paid to live everyone’s dream and throw temper tantrums on the sidelines (*cough* Dez Bryant *cough*) and sell out for a higher paycheck.


-R. Ilardi

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