Sacred Heart Purchases Golf Course for $6 million – What does that mean for us?

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It’s been a month since Sacred Heart agreed to buy Great River Golf Course in Milford, Connecticut, and all of its 32,000 acres of glory. For the first time in, well, basically ever, I finally was content where my $54,000 a year tuition was being spent.

Most people don’t understand the importance in the purchase. Every student is well familiar with the 36-hole public course that is connected to campus to begin with (hell that’s the only reason why I sent an application to Sacred Heart). To the freshman, the “golf course” is the cool place where the delinquents can do hoodrat things with their friends. To some of us, it a game of “let’s place 7 or 8 holes before the ranger screams at us again” because we refuse to pay 15 bucks to play 9 freakin holes. C’mon, that’s money for G-Star Tuesdays.

The news about the $6 million dollar purchase got my attention, but the possibility of an impending professional golf management program!?

Hold up, let’s back track.

Sacred Heart has been on a rampage in trying to make its 5,000 person campus become a Connecticutian superpower. It already has established a College of Business, which has already proven to be a force to be reckoned with. It seriously hurts my still-developing brain to think of what this school will be like in 25 years. But when President John Petillo made the hopeful statement about a PGM program here at SHU, I had to throw out sheets before the RSA noticed that I wet the bed out of excitement.

“A golf management program, for which we will seek PGA approval, would be the only one in metropolitan New York and New England — one of the most saturated areas on earth for golf courses,” says Mr. President. “We also expect it will provide opportunities for vital hands-on work experience and internships for students, and we hope to host national golf camps and regional and national NCAA championships there.”

Wait, now we’re talking about NCAA championships! If the professional golf management program actually does come to Sacred Heart, it will do wonders for the school. If Sacred Heart wants to take over Connecticut, this is the gateway. Hey President Petillo, St. Peter is giving you keys to heaven (or you bought them for $6 million, I guess).

If you’re still that person who doesn’t know what the PGM program is, it is a 4 and a half year program which prepares student to have a career in the golf industry and other areas such as Marketing, Business Administration, Hospitality Administration, Recreation and Park Management.

As a multi-college university, this can skyrocket the school of Business. And let’s not forget the chance that the Division I sports will be more recognized on a national level.

Bring it on Oklahoma State. Just kidding, for now.

Until next time, your saxophone-playing golf nerd.

-M. Fritz

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