Add it to the Sports Bucket List


Take away the money, the fame, the individual records. What is left? Rivalry, competition, passion, and brotherhood. The Army Navy game is just that. Pure sport in its elemental form. You never see the unselfishness and true team comradery anywhere else.

The pregame festivities were awe inspiring. Both branches of the military showed off their power and skill with parachute teams, followed by flyovers from fighter jets and helicopters.

Then when the game began, the teams showed off their power on the field. It was a back and forth game for most of the 60 minutes, but turnovers ended up costing Army the chance to end what is now a 14 year winning streak for Navy. However, this is more than a football game.

Behind the rivalry, there is an underlying feeling of patriotism running throughout the stadium that can’t be found anywhere else. In a time where this nation is so divided, this game made me realize that there is hope. With all of the terror we face, I realized that I should not be afraid. The men and women from West Point and Annapolis represent  the light at the end of the tunnel. They represent what this country stands for. America doesn’t stand for politics and reelection. We stand for doing what is right.  We stand united against our enemies. We stand for freedom.


-R  Ilardi


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