Rondo’s On-Court Slurs

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During the Kings game against the Celtics on December 3, Rajan Rondo was issued two technical fouls and ejected from the game.  Rondo went on to repeatedly berate the official with homophobic slurs.  Bill Kennedy, the official on the receiving end of Rondo’s verbal assault, later released a statement saying, “I am proud to be an NBA official, and I am proud to be a gay man.”  After the game Rondo denied using any homophobic slurs.  However, Kings coach George Carl later commented to suggest that he did.

The league handed Rondo a one game suspension for his behavior and refusing to leave the court immediately after the ejection.

One game? Are you kidding me?? After watching the footage of Rondo’s on court temper tantrum combined with the knowledge of what he said, I think one game is insane. Rondo should be receiving a punishment much more severe than a one game suspension. Let’s think back to the Clipper’s scandal involving Donald Sterling.  Their owner had private phone conversations where he spoke negatively against African Americans.  He was forced to sell his team for these actions and he did not use racial slurs.

This is not to say that those actions are not deplorable, but it does bring up the double standard on display.  Rondo was on the court in an NBA uniform when he did this.  I think he needs to serve at least a 5 game suspension.  Only handing Rondo a one game suspension suggests that this issue is not as big as the racism of former Clippers owner Donald Sterling, when in fact it is exactly the same.

– R. Ilardi

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