15 Ways You Know You’re a Sacred Heart Student

(photo via sacredheart.edu)

Don’t lie to us zip code, we know we’re in Bridgeport

1. You see everyone and your mom at Best Edibles
2. Bumping into Bobby Valentine everyday is just another event (sorry
Red Sox fans, too soon?)
3. It’s a first name basis with the clerks at Bridgeport’s finest package
4. And you’re even more friendly with the bouncers at G­Star
5. The Club Football team is more nationally recognized than the D1
Football Team
6. The Pitt Center is smaller than any other high school stadium in the
7. You don’t even know there’s a football game on campus until you
hear the band warming up 2 hours before
8. Despite paying an arm and a leg for tuition, you won’t be able to find
a single spot for parking on campus
9. It’s not a late night unless you grab a Buff Chicken quesadilla at
Linda’s at 1:59 am
10. You avoid the Outtakes hallway at all costs in the middle of the
day. How many fundraisers do you expect me to donate to?
11. You run out of dining dollars with 3 weeks left in the semester.
and don’t lie, you’re not the only one who sneaks food out of Flik in
12. “Where do you go to school?”
Me: “SHU”“Bless you”
Me: “no, Sacred Heart”
“Oh Nice! that’s in New York right?
12. Out of every 10 people you meet, 11 of them are from long Island
13. Your weeekends are spent in a basement for 10 minutes until the cops
come, or not being able to move in a sweaty Bridgeport club
14. The golf course or the woods: we’ve all been there
15. And finally, you’re not a true Sacred Heart Pioneer unless you go home
for break, and want to be back at SHU

Stay classy SHU. Lets go Pios

– M. Fritz & N. Barret

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