Super Bowl 50 Preview

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Panthers vs Broncos

With total domination in the NFC championship game, the Carolina Panthers are headed to Santa Clara to take on the AFC Champions, the Denver Broncos, in Super Bowl 50.  As the media and non-traditional football fans prepare for the match-up between Peyton Manning and Cam Newton, I will break down both teams, and uncover which roster has the best chance to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

The “orange crush”, known as Denver’s defense, has been the most efficient defense in both the regular and post season.  The chief concern to stopping the Panther’s explosive offense, is linebacker, Von Miller.  With 11 sacks and 35 tackles, Miller can single handily wreck the offensive game plan for Carolina.  However, at 6’5 and 245 pounds, Cam Newton’s size alone will pose a greater challenge than Tom Brady did during the AFC championship.  With cat like reflexes and a cannon of an arm, Newton has outscored his last two opponents 55 to 7, in just the first half.

It is hard to put a lot of blame on Tom Brady for the loss last weekend, who might go down as the greatest quarterback of all time, but with an offensive line with more holes in it than Swiss cheese, it is hard for any team to sustain any type of offense.  Unlike Denver’s last opponent, Carolina has an impressive offensive line. This explosive offense also features a three headed monster rushing attack, led by the league’s MVP.  With a quarterback rating of 99.4 and responsible for 35 touchdowns, Cam Newton has built something serious in Charlotte.  When Kelvin Benjamin went down at the beginning of the season, every NFL expert said Carolina would be lucky to win seven games.  I look for Cam to silence his critics and take care of business.

With Manning’s son hoping to get a game ball from Cam, I look for the Panthers to cap off their best season in franchise history with a Super Bowl victory,  35 to 17.

– J. Tennent

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