What’s going on in Canada, aye?

(Photo via trapdsince95.com)

Really big things happening north of the boarder.  The Toronto Raptors have been flying under the radar up until this point. Their success has been hidden by a smokescreen I call, the Wild West.  Sheriff Curry and Deputy Tompson have taken out the latest threat, the San Antonio Spurs. After the 30 point rout of Popovich’s gang, the news in the west has settled.

Then, the breaking news in Cleveland of the fire of their then head coach, David Blatt, provided another cover as the Raptors continued pumping out wins. As of last night, they beat the New York Knicks by ten to win their tenth consecutive game (a franchise record).  Lebron and the Cavs might have to watch out as the East may no longer be a cakewalk.

In the latest B/R Power Rankings, according to bleacherreport.com, the Raptors have elevated up to fourth spot, behind only the Warriors, Spurs, and Thunder in that order. Yep, you read that right, this week has the Raptors ranked higher than the Cavs. Look out Lebron, because as of now, it looks as if there is a better chance that the Raptors pass Cleveland than fall behind the Atlanta Hawks, who are currently third in the East.

I love a good underdog story, but if Toronto keeps it up, they might not be considered an underdog anymore. However, they have a big test finishing out this season that will show the NBA and fans if they are up for the challange. As media buzz shifts north, there will be added pressure each and every night to try and catch the Cavs. Lets find out if the Toronto Raptors have what it takes, or are they just another Cinderella story that the clock hasn’t struck midnight on yet?

– R. Ilardi

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