Thank You, John Scott

(Photo via Yahoo Sports)

John Scott. John Freakin Scott.

This year, the NHL introduced a new style for the All ­Star game. Instead of the usual 5v5, the league introduced a 3v3 tournament system, with a team from each division and a captain named by the fans​. Yes, fans is highlighted for a reason, but I’ll get to that. The All ­Star game, hockey or baseball or basketball or whatever, is supposed to be a fun event for the fans ​and the players alike.

When voting opened back in the early part of the season, the internet did what the internet does best, and went crazy. If there was any legitimacy in the voting for the players of best skill, Michael Jordan had a better chance of making the team than John Scott. The NHL pulled the ol “alright kids, cut it out, playtime is over,” but the fans ​insisted. A little Deja Vu to Daniel Bryan with Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania 30. The fans ​will always get their way if they work hard enough.

The fans ​voted him captain. The NHL had him traded to Newfoundland, From Glendale, Arizona.


But the fans ​kept at it. WE ​kept at it. John Scott came to the All Star game. John Scott conquered the All Star game with 2 goals, 2 more goals than he’s had all of the regular season. John Scott left the All Star game as the MVP.

The fans ​left happy. It was one of the best hockey and sport stories in recent years. Hockey fans ​will probably never see this again, now that the NHL is going to tighten up voting to prevent another John Scott story. But we only have one thing to say,

John Scott, Thank you.
The Fans

– M. Fritz

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