NLCS Rematch?

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The New York Mets and Chicago Cubs met in the NLCS in 2015, ending with the Mets taking care of the Cubs in 4 straight games. It came as such a shock that these 2 teams met in the championship series. With the Mets having the Nationals in their division and the Cubs having the Cardinals and Pirates in theirs, nobody picked either of these teams to make it out of the National League. 2016 will be a different story.

Both teams came up short of their goal of winning it all last year, but they both gained one thing: experience. Both of these teams are loaded with young talent and are expected to be a force in the National League for years to come. For most of these guys, this was their first time in the postseason. And with both teams making it deep into the playoffs last year, it is safe to say we could see a rematch in 2016. With the signing of Ben Zobrist, the Cubs have added a veteran player with plenty of playoff experience. And for the Mets, they managed to keep Yoenis Cespedes, they guy that catapulted this team into the postseason last season.

With both teams adding talent and experience to their already playoff bound roster, we might be looking at a Mets-Cubs NLCS rematch. We all know how stacked the Cubs’ lineup is, plus the strong pitching of Jake Arietta and Jon Lester. However, last year the Mets young pitching staff proved to the league that they are the real deal. Bringing back Cespedes gives the team and their fans the confidence they need to go all the way. On their 30 year anniversary of their last World Series title, we will see if the Mets can finish what they started last year.

– T. Ilardi

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