CCU: Moglia Has Outdone Himself Again

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This week, Coastal Carolina University signed 29 players on national signing day. Fourteen of these commits are ranked at two or three stars – most in school history.

Coach Moglia said that the Chants were happy with their class of incoming players. He reported that they didn’t wait for a player they didn’t expect, ultimately signing each and every commit that they expected. This is why I think Moglia will have success as a recruiter at a higher level, as CCU begins the process to move up to FBS.

Moglia’s business background gives him years of experience in selling ideas and communicating with people. In my opinion, most importantly, Moglia will transition quickly to the Sun Belt because of his ability to “recruits class.” In his words, “…the reality is, you’re not going to know for two years what kind of class we have, that’s why it’s critical to recruit character…”

This is why I put my faith in the former CEO. Moglia’s philosophy of building men is a culture that breeds multiple benefits. He grows individuals into good friends, husbands, and fathers for the future, but that’s not all. This culture of responsibility and integrity brings a group of players together and builds comradery. You won’t see a scandal under Coach Joe like some other schools, most recently Louisville. What you will see is what a businessman would call efficiency; getting the very most for what you have.

Don’t be turned off by a possibly rough transition into a bigger conference. What you should be looking for is how the team looks after the next five years.  I think that Coastal Carolina will be a dominant presence in the future, thanks to the quality recruiting by Joe Moglia and his staff.

– R. Ilardi

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