A Game Winning Goal, for Dad

(Photo via gametimect.com)

West Haven, Conn.­​

We’ve all played sports. We’ve all dreamed of hitting that walk off home run or that overtime buzzer-­beater to win the game. But maybe, more importantly, we’ve all played games with pent-­up emotion.

West Haven Notre Dame’s Doug Caliendo played a game with a burden that most of us fear, to have to play­ a game the day his father passed away. His father, Lou, lost his battle with stomach cancer last Wednesday morning, just hours before his son’s game. The Green Knights held a moment of silence for Lou before the game against Northwest Catholic.

The game carried on as any ordinary hockey game does. Catholic led the Green Knights 2­0 seconds into the third period, until the Knights tied it up, a goal that would go on to force overtime. Only 23 seconds into overtime, Green Knights defenseman Doug Caliendo received the puck and had a chance to make something special happen. Caliendo made a move and scored the game winning goal to give the Green Knights a 3­-2 win in the most dramatic fashion.

It’s a storybook ending that’ll give you goosebumps. Moments like these are what constantly remind us why we play sports and why we love the game.

– M. Fritz

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