Coastal Basketball: STREAKING


“I’d go if more people went…”

This the classic line I get from students when I ask if they’re going to the basketball games. Well you know what, it’s for this exact reason why the stands aren’t packed out.

Tomorrow Coastal takes on High Point in a HUGE conference game as they try to extend their win streak. I’m expecting it to be packed out, but if you don’t have your ticket yet go get it. The HTC Center is by no means the Carrier Dome. With the student body we have at CCU there’s no reason that place shouldn’t be packed out every game.

Can we just fill the place? I want it to be loud. I’m tired of being the only kid hammered screaming pg13 vulgarities at opposing coaches. I’m going to take my slightly out of shape ass to the Coop for happy hour and then stumble on over to the game. If I didn’t get ejected from the stadium by halftime, then something went wrong.

Turn up and get rowdy. And as the famous “Econ John” says at the bottom of his savage emails: “GO COASTAL! GO CHANTS!! GO COASTAL!!!!

-trashed fan in the student section yelling pg13 vulgarities


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