From Tears to Tires: A Boy’s Dream

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You don’t even have to be baseball fan to know about Wilmer Flores crying. He officially killed the old saying, “there’s no crying in baseball.” Now that is old news, but the new Flores did make a recent statement that made me feel all tingly inside as a Mets fan. Flores is literally living every eight year old’s dream.

Flores rolled up to camp in Port St. Lucy, Florida, in an Alfa Romeo. New Mets relief pitcher, Antonio Bastardo complemented Flores on the whip and he replied by saying, “this is Cespedes’… He’s letting me use it.”

If that’s not a tight knit group then I don’t know what is. I won’t even let my roommate drive my ’02 Passat, and Yo is letting Flores cruise in a $60,000+ car. But that’s what the Mets are. I love this team because they are filled with absolute class acts like Wilmer, David Wright, Lucas Duda and many more. And it’s contagious! Cespedes hasn’t always been seen as the best teammate, but the Mets culture under Terry Collins leads to nothing but smiles, laughs, and wins.

Daniel Murphy was my favorite Met for years because he wasn’t the most skilled, but he was a grinder. He worked hard and did it the right way, and I idolized that about him. Now that he is in the Nations Capitol, the void in my heart needed to be filled.

Today, Wilmer filled that hole when he told the New York Post that he wants to be a Met forever.

“I will never forget that night,” Flores said. “To hear my name chanted out there, that was unbelievable. My mom came up in August for my birthday and went to games in Miami and Tampa and she was shocked, everybody was cheering my name,” (NY Post).

This I what baseball, and really all sports, is truly about. Wilmer isn’t going to leave for a better paying contract or even a starting job for another club. Flores has accepted his role as a utility infielder. He is working hard on learning all four infield positions in order to be able to fill in whenever needed. Just another reason why he’s a great man and why you should buy his jersey. He’s been a Met since he was sixteen and I hope he remains in orange and blue until he’s 40.

– R. Ilardi

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