Olympics In Question

(Photo via rio-de-janeiro-travel-information.com)

In one of our recent podcasts, we addressed the impending threat that the Zika outbreak poses on the Olympic Games in Rio. Just today, a German doctor came out with reports that he believes the virus doesn’t pose a threat to athletes. The report did go on to say that athletes and travelers should be cautious, but that there is no need to panic.

We need to hold our horses and stop getting so worked up. It is only nature that we fear the unknown. Every animal including humans has a natural fear of something they do not understand, especially if it seems to pose a threat to our existence.

We need to look at history as an indicator. Look at the “modern plagues” that we have over come just in our lifetime; ebola, swine flue, bird flue, and the list goes on. We fear Zika now because it is new. The fact is that modern science and medicine are able to solve these problems quicker than we can imagine. I think we, and especially athletes, need to take time to make a fully educated decision before making statements about whether or not they will be competing in Rio.

– R. Ilardi

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