What Happened to the Friars?

(Photo via fansided.com)

Wednesday night saw an extremely disappointing loss for the Friars of Providence College, as they fell to the unranked Marquette Golden Eagles in double OT. Providence, who is currently ranked 20th in the nation, has been in a real landslide ever since their season seemed amazing.

On January 24th, every member of “Friartown” sat down to watch their team take on the Villanova Wildcats, who were ranked 4th in the nation at that time. Things seemed great, as the Friars had just come off a nice home win against the Butler Bulldogs, and sat at 16th in the nation. Then, on that Sunday, the Friars pulled off the upset, and beat Villanova it OT at a final of 82-76. This win put every student on campus into an amazing mood, and gave everybody tremendous pride, but then something happened.

Since that Sunday game in Philadelphia, the Friars have dropped four of their last five games. They saw themselves move up to 10th after the Villanova win, but then dropped to 11th after losing to Xavier, and then all the way to 20th after their loss against DePaul and a loss against Villanova in their second meeting. The Friars are a team that rely heavily on stars Kris Dunn and Ben Bentil, and if they do not preform well enough, then the team does not fare well. In Wednesday’s loss to the Golden Eagles, the Friars only had three players in double digits and two of them were Dunn and Bentil. Although the two stars both played well, the rest of the team could not come up with enough to win.

With the consistent play of both Dunn and Bentil, the Friars still have a chance to close out their season well, but that relies on players such as Rodney Bullock, Kyron Cartwright, and Ryan Fazekas to play to their full potential. However, right now in “Friartown” there is a big problem, and they need to stop the bleeding.

– K. Troy

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