Assessing Daniel Murphy’s Stock Value

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Unless you were visiting North Korea last October, you know who Daniel Murphy is. He had the greatest post season in recent history. Murph isn’t known to be a great power hitter, however he batted .328 while hitting 7 dingers. In 58 post season at bats, the man had 19 hits and scored 13 runs. Along with the home runs, the other stat that jumps out is his OPS of 1.115.

Murph had a postseason that probably gave Mr. October goosebumps, but the Mets didn’t offer him enough money to keep him in the Big Apple. Big mistake?

No. I think the Mets would make their fans on Wall Street proud. They got what they could from Murph and then dumped the stock at its peak. I don’t believe you can pay a player for what they do in a one month span, no matter how clutch it may be – just ask the Braves.

Murph was my favorite Met because he was just a grinder that played the game right. However, I can’t let my heart get in the way of what is really the right decision. Murphy will be good on the Nationals, don’t get me wrong, but we will likely never again see him play at the level that he did last postseason. He will fit well in that lineup and I hope he continues to find success.

The reason the Mets didn’t need to keep him is because they have young Dilson Herrera coming in.  Herrera played some games with the Mets last season and can fill the second base void perfectly for a much cheaper price than Murph. This is really important! The Mets need to keep costs as low as possible because their staff of aces are going to be coming off rookie contracts over the next 4 years.

Bottom line: The Mets made a tough business decision, but they made the right call.

– R. Ilardi

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