Countdown to May 27th

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May 27, 2016 isn’t just T-shirt day at Citi Field.  This date is the start of a three game set between the Mets and the visiting Dodgers. More importantly, it marks the return of he who must not be named. Mets fans haven’t forgotten what the Dodger middle infielder, Chase Utley, did to Ruben Tejada in game two of the NLDS last October.

The dirty slide from Utley broke up a double play, but it also broke Tejada’s leg, sidelining him for the remainder of the Mets magical postseason run.

Ruben told the NY Post that nothing has changed and he has not spoken with Utley. The young second baseman wants to hear an apology from Utley. Tejada understands that Utley was trying to make a baseball play in the post season, but suggested that the takeout slide shouldn’t have taken place. Ruben said that he was defenseless and would never do that to another player (NY Post 2/15/16).

This marks the real problem here. Chase Utley has been labeled as a “Met Killer” during his tenure with the rival Phillies, but now for different reasons. Now he is truly a Met Killer. He put a single baseball play over the health and livelihood of another player. This is ethically unacceptable. Players should understand that a selfish play like that could cost a man, and his family, their income and the style of life they are accustomed to. I am all for playing hard, need to respect your opponents health as higher than the game. Because baseball is just that, a game.

(Chase Utley is appealing his 2 game suspension and Major League Baseball is currently implementing new rules regarding slides into second base.)

– R. Ilard

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