Kobe is Helping?

(Photo via slamonline.com)

“Starting shooting guard, from lower Marion High School, number 24, Kobe Bryant”

Kobe Bryant has been nothing but an afterthought during the Lakers campaign this season, but we are seeing a flash of the mamba we have all come to know over the years. This season, Kobe is averaging a little over 15 ppg and he is playing far too many minutes. In recent weeks, we have see Kobe play more efficient minutes averaging 22.9 ppg. People are starting to ask if Kobe is making a return to form.

No, and don’t get your hopes up.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see him scoring 20+ ppg, but it isn’t translating to wins. The Lakers last four games were against the Pacers, Cavs, Spurs, and Bulls, all of which resulted in losses. In the last ten games, Kobe is shooting a measly 36% from the field (still about 10% lower than his career average). The Lakers are in dead last in the Western Conference, with no sign of even passing the Phoenix Suns who will lose their 12th straight game tonight against the Clippers.

I do understand why the Lakers are ok with letting Kobe drive the team into the ground. They need a superstar, so at the rate they are going they could draft a Ben Simmons, a Buddy Hield, or a Brandon Ingram. The Lakers will also have a ton of money to play with to bring in one or maybe two big time free agents. So if you’re a LA fan, you really shouldn’t be worrying too much. Greener pastures are right around the corner. Letting the team tank so Kobe can have one last go around for all the years of loyalty might even help the franchise in the long run.

-Ryan Ilardi




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