The Answer for 2016: ECONOMICS

People are very quick to jump on the Bernie Sanders bandwagon, but I am going to try to look both forwards and backwards to explain why changing the way our economy functions could derail America as we know it.

Let’s dissect our country as a world power. We emerged from the ashes in the late 1700’s and we grew at an exponential rate. We quickly overcame European and eastern nations that had been around for hundreds or even thousands of years. That doesn’t just happen by accident.

The answer is capitalism. Capitalism is extremely unique in the sense that it is the only economic system in which the economy as a whole can grow and develop without coming at the cost of individuals. In a socialist or communist system, the only way to have success for the economy is to take from individuals.

Capitalism is not that different from other systems, the key difference being that there is a product and a motivation to work.  Rather than giving and taking, we buy and sell. Motivation is the biggest key to the whole thing.

As individuals, we are selfish and we all want to make money. A capitalistic economy utilizes our human nature to benefit society as a whole. Take a look at the men who built America. Carnegie, Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Vanderbilt were all trying to become successful, but grew the economy as a whole. The advances in medicine, technology, and infrastructure sculpted the country and catapulted America into its dynasty of dominance. So to summarize, capitalism is the only way where we can grow our own bank account and also grow the nations economy at the same time.

Socialism sounds great on paper, but it is just not applicable.  If you take away from the wealthy, then you take away the motivation for others to become wealthy. Why would anyone want to work hard if they knew they would not be able reap the benefits of their efforts?? Now you see the first effect. After people loose the motivation to be wealthy, they lose the input they had to the economy. All of the advances their companies would make to put America above other nations are gone now. And lastly, a socialist society breeds laziness. The number of people needing aid would outnumber the amount of people that would have to give, creating a shortage. The cartoon below is funny, but also true. What happens when we don’t have enough medicine or funding for infrastructure? Now it seems a little bit more serious…


Bottom Line: IT”S IMPOSSIBLE! 

  • Taking capitalism away takes away motivation to succeed.
  • Look at Europe, it’s not working and it never will!
  • As people chose to stop innovating, society and the economy would decline.
  • Taking capitalism away takes away the uniqueness that makes America so successful when compared to other countries. 
    • Capitalism- success comes as a result of hard work
    • Socialism- success comes at a price, you need to pay for the economy to function.


-R. Ilardi




4 thoughts on “The Answer for 2016: ECONOMICS”

    1. I’m a broke college kid from a middle class family to be honest. I wasn’t ever given an allowance and I didn’t get a cell phone until I could chip in $10 a month. I got my first job as a caddie at the age of 14. I worked at that job for 5 1/2 years before doing summer internships to become a golf teaching professional because I love teaching (as a golf pro you don’t make a lot, just saying). I was raised to work hard and that is why I believe each person should work hard to earn their way in life. I don’t think socialism is fair, and as stated in the article I don’t think it can work (i.e. Greece).

      And the goal isn’t to be wealthy per se, but it is human nature to long for comfort. The goal is really just to be financially secure. I was referencing the American dream.

      Thank you for reading and for the respectful comment. At ATB Sports we love feedback of all kinds!


      1. Thank you for responding, and forgive the impertinence. You do understand, though, that there are people who work hard their whole lives and never have enough to make ends meet, let alone achieve affluence? Or whose life savings are destroyed by other people whose goal in life is amassing wealth? It is possible that socialism hasn’t worked yet, but capitalism hasn’t either, at least not to the extent the affluent would have you believe. See, as long as they keep the people convinced that capitalism is the answer, and that wealth awaits the hard worker in the end, they can do what they want without anyone questioning the narrative.

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      2. Now I understand that there are people that fall on tough times, but here is the real problem I have with socialist ideas. Socialism is not actually legal under the U.S. Constitution.

        The Constitution grants us all freedoms. For example: the right to property, the right to the pursuit of happiness, etc.

        It is unconstitutional for the government to step in and take your earned money and redistribute it, because that is money that the owner has a right to. That would directly contradict one’s right to property. Calling for socialism is calling to dismantle the constitution. The reason that people immigrate here is because we guarantee them freedoms that other nations do not. Stripping people of these fundamental rights completely changes the very foundation of this country and what it stands for.


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