10 Things That Happen When College Kids Go Home For The Weekend

1) DOGS!     “Mom and Dad, I missed you, but I need to see the dog first”

2) Shower­     “Finally I can shower WITHOUT wearing flip-­flops without
the fear of catching a disease”

3) Food­     “There’s only so much Flik and Linda’s a person can eat, ­so
Mom, you better have that fridge stocked”

4) Car­    “For the first time in months, I don’t need to call an Uber and
ride with a new stranger everyday to get to where I’m going”

5) Conversation­     “There’s only so much I can talk about my major. I
came home to get away from the scholastic talk”

6) You’ve changed­     “Of course. You’ve seen me home once every 3-­4
months. I live amongst 5,000 other crazy people my age. What else
do you think is going to happen to me?”

7) Keeping it PG­     “Yeah last weekend was great, we went down to the
frat house and, uh, played Guitar Hero”

8) Blissful sleep­     “I’ve missed you, Bed. Sometimes I sleep better on the
kitchen table at school than in that tiny, plastic twin sized bed”

9) Can’t wait to get back to school­     “Ok I’ve been home for 5 hours and
already wanna go back. I’m never coming back home”

10) Can’t wait to go back home­     “Ok I know i just said I wanna go back
to school and do hoodrat things with my friends, but nothing is like

Nothing is like home

– M. Fritz

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