James and Fans, The Most Deluded People in Sports

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Cavs fans could be among the most spoiled and deluded people packing the stands in arenas around the world. Lebron James is a man that is either loved or hated by basketball junkies, but why?

In my opinion, you have to respect him as a basketball player because he is one of the strongest and most talented players to step foot on the court. But, as a person, not so much. I think there are more than one reason why Lebron is a bum and should not be talked about in the same sentence as other greats.

Lebron King

I. Self Proclaimed King

Lebron James is the self proclaimed “King James.” Last time I checked, you can’t choose your own nickname. Lebron has literally reffered to himself as “King James” when talking to other players. He has defended himself by asking to be proved why hes not, but that isn’t the point. The point is Michael Jordan doesn’t make names for himself, his game does the talking. And that’s just the problem with Lebron, he talks more than his game. I’m not saying hes not one of the best, I’m saying he needs to stop talking and just play.


II. Cry Baby

For someone who gets the super star calls, Lebron just doesn’t know when to stop whining. In Sunday’s game against OKC, an older woman (and BUZZ savage of the week) was picked up by the mics. She screamed “Suck it up Lebron” as the Akron native complained to the ref about a foul call. This is my point. He’s like that spoiled kid that gets everything he asks for, but then the one time you say no he starts to throw a tantrum.

III. He Turned His Back on Cleveland

Now, I have gone on the record saying that Durant should eave OKC, so before you call me a hypocrite, hear me out. James is from Cleveland. That city had literally given him everything. He was the glimmer of hope in a city of basement dwelling franchises. He was their golden prize. Then he held a held a one hour nationally televised event called “the decision”. Come one, did his ego really need to be stroked or what. If you are going to leave just leave, don’t turn it into a reality tv show. He made multiple cities believe they had a chance just to “take [his] talents to south beach”. He left Cleveland with nothing.

IV. Could’t Get it Done

Lebron James couldn’t do it alone. That’s why I have a problem with him calling himself The King. He acts like he is the most powerful NBA player of all time, but the truth, sports fans, is that he needed to form essentially a super-team in order to get his two rings. And even then, he didn’t win it on his first trip to the finals. Everyone remembers when James once again turned the cameras on himself when he came out of the smoke in Miami promising “not five, not six, not seven…” NBA titles. But, in true Lebron James fashion, he got what he wanted in his two rings, and then he left Miami once Wade’s age began to catch up with him.

V. Puppet Master

Lebron is the puppet master. Amidst his return to Cleveland, he has gotten a successful coach fired. Coach Blatt led the Cavs to an NBA Finals appearance in his first season as coach. Then he coached the team to the best record in the Eastern Conference without Kyrie Irving!! But, Princess James didn’t like Blatt, so he got him fired. In the words of Phil Jackson, “It’s a lot easier to fire a coach, than 12 players.” That is the only bargaining chip that Lebron needs. Look what happened when he left last time. Cleveland has made a deal with the devil in the sense that they have to appease Lebron, because if he is unhappy it’s game over. Do you think Jordan would tell Phil Jackson what to do? You think Ewing told Pat Reilly how to run things? This is not the type of leadership you want from your superstar. You want him to create a culture of accountability and hard work, not complaining and controlling.

VI. “Gettin’ one for the Land”

In the recent television ad seen above, Lebron says hes still hungry because “it’s all about gettin’ one for the land,” meaning he doesn’t care about his two rings, whats really important to him is winning one for the city of Cleveland. It doesn’t take a genius to see through the cheesy acting job to smell the B.S. Lebron could care less about the city of Cleveland. He proved that when he got on national television to smile and waved good bye. He just wants to put on this facade of him being the hero that comes and saves the day. Truth is, Cleveland wouldn’t need saving if it wasn’t for him.

VII. Fare Weather Fans

The truth is that Lebron can do no wrong in the eyes of supporters. He’s “the chosen one”. Doesn’t seem too long ago that people were burning his jersey in the streets. I don’t have a problem with people burning the jerseys, just don’t get in line to buy another when he comes back. Cleveland fans think that Lebron can put the city on his back and carry them all to a championship? Truth is the Cavs will get there, but they can’t beat the Warriors in a seven game series.


Bottom Line: Lebron James is one of the most talented athletes of all time, but he is dependent upon attention. He is a phoney that only thinks of himself, but pretends to be the knight in shining armor. (Sorry Chad)


-R. Ilardi


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