Blah Blah 1 Versus 16 Upsets Blah Blah

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0-120. That’s the record we all know when it comes to a 16 seed versus a 1 seed in the first round of the NCAA college basketball tournament. 0-120. We all have that conversation every year when the brackets come out about who thinks which 16 seed has the best chance to beat a 1 seed. Well then that means we’re probably going to start having the conversation right about…now.

We almost witnessed it a few years ago when Coastal Carolina was up 10 at halftime against number 1 seeded Virginia. It obviously just was not meant to be. Could this year be THAT year where we see it happen? Probably not. But it’s sure fun to talk about. Watching the basketball season throughout the year, we’ve noticed an extremely large amount of upsets. So which team this year has the best chance of losing as a 1 seed? It’s next to impossible to predict a 16 seed in the brackets, so you have to look at who the weak 1 seeds are. Villanova is going to be the biggest question as a potential 1 seed, in my opinion, even if they keep playing as well as they are due to their weak conference. They got bumped from the tournament early as a 1 seed last year with a loss to NC State in the second round. I don’t question Jay Wright as an experienced head coach, I just believe Villanova is the most vulnerable potential 1 seed. Can you really believe in their strength of schedule along with Xavier coming out of that conference?

Kansas and Oklahoma have been putting up a good fight to make their cases for 1 seeds, but we’ll have to wait until they play in the Big 12 tournament at the end of the year to really see how good these teams can play. They’ve been bouncing around with UNC, Virginia, and Xavier as all potential 1 seeds. We just haven’t seen a definite overall number 1 seed this year like we have in years past. Duke, Kentucky, and Michigan State, all household names, have struggled to live up to their expectations this year. Yes, there are teams that when they get into March they play up to their full potential, and we just know they won’t lose early this time of the year.

Who knows, but I’m all about the hype if this is going to be the year IT happens.  I’m all for the Cinderella stories this time of year, it’s one of the only reasons I love watching March Madness and sports alone. So who is going to be bold enough to pick that magical 16 seed?

– M. Gress


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