NFL EXPOSED: Hiding $120 Million in Plain Sight

(Photo via politic365)

 The term savage gets thrown around a lot nowadays, but even this elevating term might not do the man justice. This man speaks the truth and is by no means your average media puppet. SVP is a known savage, so I don’t need to explain that any farther. What he said to expose the NFL as a “cash devouring monolith” as Van Pelt calls it, will have your head spinning.

The NFL hid $120 millon. How do you hide that kind of money short of burying it like Pablo Escobar? Easy, you hide it in plain sight. This is money that was supposed to be shared among the players, but the NFL made what they are now calling “a technical accounting error”. Rather than the cash being in an account that is shard with the players, the NFL created another separate account that was not included in the collective bargaining agreement. This money was hidden for THREE YEARS! The league is just trying to cover themselves. If it was truly a technical accounting error, then why did it take three years to correct it (and only after someone else stepped in I might add). Secondly, if it were truly an an accounting error, it would not have taken an arbitrator to make the NFL give the players union the $50 million they were entitled to.

Now, SVP makes a great point. He talks about how the NFL continues to get away with things because the public continues to support it. I’m not saying totally boycott football because that’s just not possible. However, the NFL is being exposed for the corrupt money hungry fiends that they are. It raises the question: is the NFL any better than FIFA when it comes to corruption?


Scott Van Pelt Video:


– R. Ilardi



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