The Chants’ Final Push

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The Chants have certainly dug themselves a hole, but they’re not out of it yet. CCU has two games left on the season before the Big South Tournament, and they are currently two games out of first place. Coastal would need to win out and hope that both Winthrop and High Point lose their remaining games in order to force a tie for first with Winthrop. CCU and Winthrop split the season series so a postseason match-up would be a huge game for both sides.

The blown call at the end of last week’s game against Winthrop could prove to cost the Chants big time. The refs called a ticky-tac foul against Coastal to send Winthrop to the line with just seconds remaining. Coastal senior guard Elijah Wilson then drove to the rack and got mauled as time expired, but the ref didn’t blow the whistle. As of now, ESPN predicts that Winthrop will make a March Madness appearance rather than our Chants.

The odds are heavily stacked against the Chants, but they have proven time and time again that they shine in big moments. Tonight is the last game at the HTC Center and the last time we will get to see seniors Tristian Curtis, Senegalian rebound machine Badou Diagne and star guard Elijah Wilson in regular season play.

So get out, get loud, and spur Cliff Ellis’ squad to another Big Dance appearance.

– R. Ilardi

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