Chris Kreider: Keep or Trade?

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Undoubtedly, one of the hardest parts about being a Rangers fan, or any other die hard fan, is letting go of one of your favorite players. Last June, us Rangers lost one of our Blueshirt favorites, Carl Hagelin, due to cap reasons. Was I sad to see one of the boys go? Of course. Did I understand why he had to go? Of course.

This trade season, the New York Rangers find themselves in a sticky situation with ­the decision whether or not to trade one of their most promising players, Chris Kreider. Kreider was selected 19th overall out of Boston College in the 2009 NHL Draft. Rangers we hopeful, and waited…and waited..and waited. The 6 foot 3”, 225 lb power forward had amazing promise coming out of the college game and into the AHL

Taking a few years to notch his game, Kreider has shown that he can be anNHL star in years to come, but has had a pretty lackluster performance this 2015-­2016 NHL season. This season, Kreider has posted 11 goals, 17 assists, adding to 28 points through the 57 games he has played. It is not necessarily a bad season, but after last season’s 21 goals, 25 assists and 46 points, but I think we all expected a lot more out of him. I know I certainly did. I preached to all my hockey buds that Kreider was going to explode this year with 33 goals and 55 points. But do not let those stats fool you. Kreider’s season is not a bad season. It is a season of turnovers, frustrations, and “better luck next time.” From last year, Kreider’s skating has improved immensely, which is crucial to the fast game that AV’s Rangers play.

I’m not here to load you up with statistics, that is what the search engine is for. I’m here to tell you how I feel, and that feeling is that Kreider should not​ be traded, and should stay as a Ranger. First off, Kreider has great postseason numbers, tallying up 7 goals and 10 points in last years Stanley Cup playoffs, which was second to only Derick Brassard’s great performance. The year prior, Kreider finished top 5 in the team for playoff points. I don’t care if Kreider puts up 42 goals during the season, if he cannot perform in the
playoffs (yes, Rick Nash, that is a direct shot at you), then his regular season performance means nothing. We know Kreider can play under pressure, and his $2.6 million RFA salary is not too much to keep for the Rangers at the end of this season. Trade Yandle and picks for a big player. Trade Boyle before his hip breaks.

But keep Kreider.

– M. Fritz

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