Deck of Aces

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The Mets are not even the favorites in the NL due to the Cubs determination to break the streak and finally win a World Championship. The signing of Dexter Fowler yesterday definitely helps the Cubs odds. And let’s not forget about the Cubbies three power arms in Arrieta, Lester, and Hammel.  The Mets were keeping their fingers crossed in the hopes that he would end up in Baltimore and out of the National League, but that didn’t happen. But back to the Mets…

As for the boys from Queens, as a fan, I couldn’t be more pumped for spring training and then the year to come. The Mets have five legitimate power pitchers that would each be the ace or the number two on any other team. I mean you can place Matt Harvey, Jacob DeGrom, and Noah Syndergaard in the conversation for 2016 Cy Young potentials. Round off the rotation with Steven Matz and crafty dad-savage Bartolo Colon. But not to worry, the next phenom, Zach Wheeler, is coming back after the All Star break and Bart is going to move to the bull pen to add depth. Colon doesn’t even have a problem with it. He gets to hang out and eat meatball subs in the pen and then be the go-to guy for long relief.

Do the Mets even need a bullpen, though?  YES! Don’t downplay the movement of Bartolo to the pen. This is not your average reassignment of an ageing veteran that won’t hang up the cleats. Moving Colon to the relief staff is going to add significant (and much needed) depth to the bullpen. I believe Colon going to the pen will have the same effect that the addition of Yoenis Cespedes had on the batting order. It will fill a crucial void and the rest of the pieces will be able to fit into their place bringing synergy to the lineup.

I am very excited for the Mets season, and not just as a fan of the Mets, but as a fan of baseball. This staff is something we have never seen before. It is historic. It’s nothing new to see two aces team up, maybe even throw in a third pretty good arm. Never (in my 21 years at least) have we seen an arsenal of arms like the Mets starting rotation has.

Why the Mets are the real deal:

No Free Passes!– The Mets do not walk people, and that is huge. You can’t be putting runners on base all the time. It adds to your pitch count, makes you pitch stressful at bats, and ultimately gets you out of the game quicker. All five of the mets starters ranked in the top 13 for walks per nine innings! 

No Hits Period- You can’t score if you cant hit the ball. Syndergaard, Matz, Harvy, and deGrom all rank in the MLB’s top 9 of pitchers for hits per nine innings.

What is an earned run?– That is the question teams will be asking themselves as they leave Citi Field. Harvey, deGrom, Syndergaard, and Matz all finished in the top 12 pitchers for lowest ERA. 

– R. Ilardi

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