Early MLB Predictions

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Buzz Insider Tommy Ilardi takes an in-depth look at each division in the MLB, predicting what he thinks will be each team’s win total.

NL East

1. Mets (94 wins)

2. Nationals (91 wins)

3. Marlins (78 wins)

4. Braves (65 wins)

5. Phillies (62 wins)

This division has the looks of a two-team race. Although the Marlins have a long term face for their franchise in Giancarlo Stanton, they don’t have all the pieces needed to contend in this tough division. The Braves and Phillies are in the process of a rebuild, essentially putting them out of contention. Like last year, the Mets and Nationals will be battling it out for the NL East title.

Division Winner: Mets


NL Central

1. Cubs (100 wins)

2. Cardinals (95 wins)

3. Pirates (88 wins)

4. Reds (64 wins)

5. Brewers (61 wins)

As we all saw last season, the Cubs have taken over the division that has been dominated by the Cardinals in recent years. They’re roster is full of talented 20 year olds, so it looks like the Cubs will be good for a long time. I still believe the Cardinals and Pirates will be in the wild card race. The Reds are looking to rebuild as they lost Todd Frazier to the White Sox and are looking to deal Jay Bruce.

Division Winner: Cubs


NL West

1. Dodgers (90 wins)

2. Giants (88 wins)

3. Diamondbacks (86 wins)

4. Padres (73 wins)

5. Rockies (64 wins)

Yes, the Giants added Cueto and Samardzija, and sure, the Dodgers lost Greinke, but I still see the Dodgers winning this division. We all know Cueto can’t handle the pressure on the road, all the opposing fans have to do is get in his head by chanting his name. Also, Samardzija has a career record under .500 and an ERA over 4.00. These additions aren’t going to catapult the Giants into first place. However, the improvements of Arizona are going to make the division race more interesting.

Division Winner: Dodgers


AL East

1. Red Sox (89 wins)

2. Blue Jays (87 wins)

3. Yankees (86 wins)

4. Rays (82 wins)

5. Orioles (77 wins)

This division will be one of the tightest of all of them. With the addition of David Price and the extra motivation in Big Papi’s final ride, the Red Sox will climb the standings. However, the Jays, Yankees, and even the Rays will be right on their tail until the very end. Toronto’s lineup is still stacked, as we all know, and is every pitcher’s nightmare. And the Yankees now have the best bullpen in the league with Betances, Miller, and Chapman. When facing them, you’ll definitely need a lead by the 6th inning.

Division Winner: Red Sox


AL Central

1. Royals (87 wins)

2. Tigers (85 wins)

3. Indians (85 wins)

4. White Sox (84 wins)

5. Twins (80 wins)

The AL Central is the deepest division in the league. All 5 teams carry legitimate playoff hopes and chances into the 2016 season. Last season, everybody underestimated the Royals, and they ended up winning it all. People are doing the same thing this year. The division has gotten stronger. The Tigers added Justin Upton and Jordan Zimmerman. The White Sox added Todd Frazier. I don’t see KC winning 95 games again, but I still see them sitting atop the central.

Division Winner: Royals


AL West

1. Astros (89 wins)

2. Rangers (85 wins)

3. Angels (85 wins)

4. Mariners (77 wins)

5. Athletics (67 wins)

The West, like last year, is going to be a 3 team race. The Astros caught everybody by surprise last season. They were expected to be very good, but not for a few more years. They are stacked with young talent such as Carlos Correa, George Springer, and Jose Altuve. The Rangers are coming off a division win, so you expect them to perform well. The Angels have under-performed the past few years, so it’s hard to rank them high, but at the same time, it’s hard to rank them low with the talent they have.

Division Winner: Astros

– T. Ilardi

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