GOP Slugfest

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Last week anyone who watched the GOP debate on CNN was in for a real treat. I mean that was better than that episode of The Kardashians where Kim loses here earring in the ocean and turns into the psychopath viewers have come to know and love.

On a seroius note though, what happened and who won? In my opinion there it was a tie. Marco Rubio finally came out swinging hooks at the current front runner Donald Trump. On the other hand Trump did have a good night in the sense that he showed he could handle pressure. The scales were leaning in Rubio’s favor in my opinion until Chris Christie came out and endorsed Donald Trump the next day- major game changer.

RubioImpressive night getting down and dirty, but did it backfire? And if not, is it too late anyway?

Marco Rubio finally put his big boy pants on and went to work on Trump. He was able to take a page out of the New York billionaire’s playbook and make fun of Trump. The only problem is this tactic has its risks, because not even the winner walks away clean in a mud fight. At first Rubio appeared strong and witty in the moment, but after the debate was over undecided voters were left scratching their heads. Rubio did his best to make Trump look bad, but Rubio wasn’t able to show people why he was better. In my opinion it backfired a little bit because Trump was able to respond. Rubio is the biggest threat to Trump in my opinion, but all week he has appeared pretty rattled, and rightfully so. Trump is leading Rubio in his home state of Florida. If Rubio loses his home state, he can go back to Florida and drink rum runners with fellow Floridian Jeb Bush.

Trump Under fire left and right. He appeared to have a rough night, but just when you think he will slip, he changes the narrative himself.

Donald Trump was fighting a war on two fronts, Rubio on his right, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz to his left. The two senators were throwing haymakers. It looked like a 2 vs. 1 handicap match at Wrestlemainia. In the moment, I was alarmed at the tough questions and accusations that were thrown at the political outsider. However, in the days following, the more I reflected and processed the events, the more impressive Donald Trump seemed to be. A lot of that has to do with the recent endorsement from Chris Christie. I don’t want to be biased because he is my favorite of the three front runners, but I think Trump said the right things at the right times. He stated that politicians are corrupt and out for themselves. It’s a sediment that a lot of Americans are feeling now and upon reading Donald Trump’s policies in more detail I feel like his economic strategy could reverse the tailspin we are in.

CruzOh man, as he faces the possibillity of losing his own state to Trump, it’s time for a hail mary… Only thing is, he’s no Aaron Rodgers.

Ted Cruz’s struggle is proving to be more and more visible as each day passes. He has been exposed for “bending the truth” to put it as lightly as possible. His poll numbers in the past have been inflated through sketchy tactics. He is running on the statement “I am the only candidate that can beat, and has beat, Donnald Trump”. Well Mr. Cruz, you did win Iowa (by a very narrow margin), but if you didn’t contact all of Ben Carson’s supporters and tell them he was out of the race, you may not have won the caucus. The pouching of Carson’s votes in Iowa brought Cruz’s character into question. I don’t think I could vote for someone that is willing to put their own best interest ahead of honest American voters. That contradicts Ted Cruz’s evangelical ideals, something that he has molded his campaign around…. cough couch- hypocrite.

Bottom Line: Cruz and Rubio tag team Trump in a last attempt to derail his momentum before Super Tuesday. Things got messy, but Trump had an ace up his sleeve. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump the following day, silencing any doubters.

Stay tuned for the next debate coming up this week and Primary results on Tuesday. A Trump sweep of all eleven states could cement his name on the ticket. Check up to date polls at 

-Ryan Ilardi

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