SEC Butthurt over Harbaugh

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The SEC is up in arms over Jim Harbough’s hostile takeover of NCAA college football. The SEC (South Eastern Conference) is known at the classic NCAA power conference. I mean Miami, South Carolina, Auburn, Alabama and the list goes on. These schools are getting annoyed that Jim Harbough is taking his team to Florida for spring break. The SEC, according to BUZZ Insider Bryce Braswell, is claiming that it’s exceeding the amount of practice time each team is allowed, but that is not the real problem.

Now let’s get real for a minute. The SEC is threatened. Michigan was awful two years ago before Jim Harbough left the fair weather of San Francisco for the nippy Ann Arbor winters. Since his tenure began, Michigan has done a full 180 and is threatening the dominance of the traditional schools. The biggest problem is where Harbough is going. Florida is the end of the rainbow when it comes to football players, it’s a goldmine. The SEC gets a great number of players from Florida and they are worried that Michigan is going to start pouching recruits from their own backyard.

So, lookout college football world. Jim Harbough doesn’t care about anything except winning. He is pulling out all the stops and revolutionizing the recruiting game. He isn’t just selling his school’s program, he goes to the families of prospective players and sells himself as a mentor, a leader, and a father figure. That is why he is succeeding. Families don’t want to send their son hundreds, or even thousands of miles away, but knowing they have a strong leader that will continue to raise their son is sealing the deal.

Bottom Line: The SEC is just angry that they are getting beat at their own game. Rather than changing their recruiting style, they are turning to the bureaucracy of the NCAA to side with them and put a stop to Michigan’s rapid elevation. 


– R. Ilardi


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