Curry vs. World

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Everyone is all hyped up about the recent comments from basketball great, Oscar Robertson. People are appalled that the legend is not buying Curry’s stock. Every great player is going to have what we’ve labeled as “haters.” Is he right though?

It’s pretty hard to keep surprising people when you constantly raise the bar night after night. However, even with breaking records at an exponential rate, Curry is doing just that. I’m just going to say it, Curry is the real deal. He is quite possibly the greatest shooter we will ever see. He can create space and his release is so quick that by the time you realized you lost him, it’s already too late. On the other hand, I actually hear where the Curry critics are coming from. Before you stop reading, hear me out.

Critics should not really be targeting an individual, however, you need to question the league itself and the way games are officiated. Old players are coming off like that old man (Robertson)  yelling at the young kids (the Warriors) to get off his lawn. But, back in the day, basketball was a physical sport with big men going at it at both ends of the floor. Nowadays, I feel like the NBA is a few whistles away from soccer.

That’s why older players are saying that the all stars of today couldn’t compete back then. And you kind of have to respect that. If the Warriors took a time machine back to play The Bad Boys of Detroit in their hay day, then lookout. The refs in the 80’s and 90’s let the players play. I think were missing that today, but that’s a whole debate on its own.

Michael’s Bulls vs. Today’s Warriors

-Today’s Refs, Warriors win due to their ability to spread the floor and knock down threes.

-Old School Rules, Bulls win due to the physicality and dominance down low.

Bottom Line: The Warriors are one of the greatest team of all time. However, do to different rules and officiating it is impossible to compare teams from different eras. It depends on the rules they are playing by.

– R. Ilardi

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