I’m In A Fraternity – And I Love It

Most people have it wrong. The media portrays us poorly. Being in a fraternity is more than what is portrayed to be. We’re not all former football and lacrosse playing Neanderthals who binge drink on Wednesday nights. When we joined our organizations, we joined because of the ideals that the organization follows, and principles that the brothers live by. Don’t be salty if you haven’t tried to talk you us. If you approached us, you would see how cordial and nice people we are.

We didn’t “buy our friends”. We don’t “take kids just because they have money”. We all joined our respected organizations [usually] based on the values the organization preached. I know I did. When you make a decision like that, giving back to the community is fulfilling. We enjoy the community service work we do. My organization had over 200 volunteer community service hours last semester. Giving back is second nature to us. You don’t join a fraternity because you want something to do; you join one because you want to do something.

I was walking to class in between writing this article, and I passed a high school tour group just as a mother asked, “are fraternities here with, like, the big houses and giant parties and stuff?” You’re kidding me, right? If you wanted a giant party school, you wouldn’t be looking into Sacred Heart. You’d be going to UConn, or some other giant D1 school down south. Being a fraternity man isn’t about partying, but work. Being a fraternity man made me realize how you have to work for something you want. Every hour of community service I do is an hour I enjoy. My letters are the first thing I see hanging every day I wake up and the last thing I see before I go to bed. They are my finest achievement and I wear them with pride. Our brother bonds are real. We made an effort to become close and share the same values. We help each other out if they’re wrong, but back them no matter the situation. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what happens around campus, we still have each other. We meet so many people from all around the world and interact with them on a daily basis, through Greek Life alone. Can you get involved around campus outside of Greek Life? Of Course.

But my fraternity taught me to be social to everyone and leave an impression on everyone I meet. It made me a hard worker. It made me a distinguished gentleman.

Go Greek.

– M. Fritz

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