Brady’s Boo’s

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We’ll be starting a monthly article describing what Tom Brady has done to make America, or at least me, hate the fact that he’s so good, it hurts. By no means does that mean I root for Tom Brady because it’s the complete opposite. I have no words to say about Brady other than he plays for a team with what I think is the worst fan base in America. If he was not a part of that collection of Belichick’s minions, I would have no reason to dislike him as much as I do. YES TOM BRADY IS THE GOAT. Let’s just get that out of the way. He’s the best quarterback we’ll probably ever see in our lifetime, you can’t deny that. But, he plays for the New England Patriots and nobody likes seeing a team win year after year, especially after Spygate and Deflategate. It’s at the point where I just want to see them lose week after week and it hurts seeing them in the playoffs every damn year.

Just recently Tom Brady signed a 2-year contract extension through 2019, when he’ll be 42 years old. Nobody in America other than that tiny little corner of New Englanders wanted to see a move like this. We get to see Tom Brady light up the AFC East and the rest of the Peyton Manning-less AFC for another 3 years. Belichick has more time to stack his team up preparing for Brady’s departure, whether its letting Jimmy Garoppolo sit behind the great one for a few more years or finding an actual running back. Either way, he’s going to need to learn how to coach an actual football team, not one lead by a first ballot, unanimous Hall of Famer. Is there a possibility he gets traded after that? Contractually, yes. Realistically, absolutely not. That would be like Jeter leaving the Yankees, Kobe leaving the Lakers, or Lebron leaving… oh wait, nevermind. Does he keep playing after his contract is up? It sure sounds like he wants to. But I really can’t watch Brady for another 3+ years.

– M. Gress

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