Video: World’s Greatest Hole In One

(Photo via

The greatest moment in golf I think I’ve ever seen… 

This is quite possibly the greatest golf highlight ever, for more than one reason. Tiger Woods designed a new course called Bluejack National. On the grounds there is a little “short course” for a little fun for all ages. For the inaugural round, a select few kids from the first tee were selected to play the opening round with none other than Tiger Woods himself! The kids were selected based on merit, which makes what happen next proof that good things happen to good people and just an all around touching story.

11-year-old Taylor Crozier was leading the group off. On the short par three the kid holes it for an ace. The crowd went wild and than the GOAT himself jumps on the kid and gives him a huge bear hug. It’s a moment in sports that gives you goosebumps.

I mean isn’t that why we love sports? Usually there’s nothing special happening, but every so often something happens that defies all the odds. It is hard enough to get a hole in one, then it happens on the first ever shot on a new course, in front of a crowd of people (and TIGER WOODS), oh yea, and it was an 11-year-old. C’mon, the odds are astronomical, but it happened. And that is why we love sports.

The video speaks for itself….


-R. Ilardi

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