A knife was found by a construction worker on the property of OJ Simpson. This is breaking news right now and we do not know much. What we do know is the construction worker turned it over to an off duty police officer and it is only coming to light now. Apparently, the knife was brought to the officer after the trial, so he felt it was ok to keep it rather than turn it over to investigators. OJ cannot be tried again because of double jeopardy, however someone else could be tried due to the new evidence.

We do not know yet if in fact this is the murder weapon, but LAPD is in the process of determining  that. “But come on now, if someone found a 1963 sniper buried in the grassy knoll, you know what it is,” (Jim Rome). Everyone on this planet knows OJ did it, and if this knife proves to be the murder weapon, then this just proves it even more.

All I can do is say wow. I am mind blown, and all we can do is wait and see if the truth finally comes out…

– R. Ilardi

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