GOP Would Love Those Superdelegates Now, Wouldn’t They?

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In what looks to be the most bizarre presidential campaign that we may have ever seen in our nation’s history, it seems appropriate to say that nothing should come as a surprise for both Democrats and Republicans alike. However, Republicans are now being faced with a cold-hard truth that is bound to shake up the political landscape, and that is increasing certainty that  Donald Trump will win the GOP nomination. How can it be that Republicans are just now realizing the inevitability of Trump, considering he has been the overwhelming poll leader for months? They seemed oblivious to his growing support, and because of this, the establishment has fully supplanted into desperation mode.

Throughout the campaigns, we have seen Rubio and Cruz throw weak jabs towards Trump, but nothing damaging enough to topple him from the lead in the polls. We have already seen some of the GOP’s efforts to derail Trump’s success, whether it be the sharp questions raised about Trump’s financial statements, or his numerous failed business experiments (Trump University, just to name one).They even brought out Mitt Romney, who is well-respected in GOP circles, to publicly indict Trump on his deception and fraud to the American people. So now, instead of following the democratic process of giving power to the people, who would most likely be in favor of Trump, the establishment has decided that they need to put matters in their own hands.

The GOP that has consistently criticized the Democrats for their use of “unfair” superdelegates would surely love to have them in their back-pockets now. For those unfamiliar with the superdelegate process, Democratic superdelegates consist of party leaders and elected officials, and have the ability to support any candidate they choose. These superdelegates are given greater weight than regular pledged delegates and have the potential to swing the votes in a particular direction that the leaders are more in favor of. Basically, the perfect solution to defeating the Trump monster. However, the GOP doesn’t involve superdelegates in their nomination process, and this leaves the establishment with only a few options to defeat Trump. Essentially, the anti-Trump establishment leaders could have rallied up superdelegate votes for either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, and thus avoid the eventual collapse that we can forsee within the Republican Party.

It is important and often necessary to have these superdelegates in order to ensure that the elected officials can freely choose who they believe will best represent the party’s core principles. And as we see with the Republican party, having superdelegates can prove to be a much better alternative than threatening to take the nomination to the convention, essentially disregarding the people’s vote altogether.

While Democrats are screaming “I told you so!” to the Republican Party, The GOP now has their hands tied behind their backs. They let Trump manifest into this unstoppable force, and now may be left with no other options. Hopefully this circus reminds Republicans everywhere: Be careful what you wish for.

– J. Yellin


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