Big East Tournament Preview

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With the regular season in the rear view mirror, the teams of the Big East turn their focus to Madison Square Garden and The Big East Tournament. The Tournament kicks off today, this Wednesday, as the four lowest seeds look to take home a W and keep their chances at a Madness birth alive. With the bracket all set, the top team is the Villanova Wildcats, who have been one of the top teams in all the nation this season, and earned their first ever number one national ranking during this season. However, this year the tournament is somewhat hard to predict an outright winner.

Many people will look at the national rankings come tournament time and see that Villanova and Xavier are the only two teams ranked in the Big East, and they will automatically meet in the finals. However, it’s the three and four seed that are also very intriguing. The third seeded Seton Hall Pirates are a team that only lost eight games and have two wins against ranked opponents this year, both of which came in the Big East. Then the fourth seeded Providence Friars are also a team that should not be overlooked. This is a team that has been ranked inside the top ten at times this season, and have the dynamic duo of Kris Dunn and Ben Bentil.

With a tournament that contains such a tight field of competition, there is great promise that it will be extremely exciting to watch, and is a great way to kick off March as the nation prepares for March Madness.


My Prediction: Villanova

All Villanova needs to do is very simple, and that is play the same way they have all season long. By doing so they have the upper hand over any team in the tournament and most teams in the nation.


My Sleeper: Providence

With a team that has one of the top players in the nation in Kris Dunn and posses a superstar in the making with Ben Bentil, it is hard to beat these guys. If they play to their full potential, like they did at the beginning of the season, they will be the team that knocks off Villanova, and wins the tournament.

– K. Troy

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