The Face of the Franchise Enters his 13th Season in Orange and Blue

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Back in 2006, the New York Mets were tied with the New York Yankees for the most wins in the major leagues with 97. However, they would go on to lose in game 7 of the National League Championship series to the St. Louis Cardinals. In 2007 and 2008, they suffered heart wrenching collapses at the end of the season and missed the playoffs. From 2009 to 2014, they went through a painful rebuilding phase in which the team never won more than 79 games. Then there was finally last year, where the Mets were heavy underdogs in the National League East to the World Series favorite, the Washington Nationals. What followed was one of the greatest seasons in New York Mets history, as the team won their division after winning 90 games and eventually were crowned National League Champions. Although they eventually would go on to lose the World Series in 5 games to the Kansas City Royals, the Mets went from lovable underdogs to a legitimate World Series threat.

Through everything that has happened in the past 10 years, both the good and the bad, there has been one constant within the Mets organization, and that is the captain, David Wright. Going into the 2016 baseball season, Wright knows after waiting 12 years for this opportunity that the Mets will not be overlooked this year. Wright said, “We’re going to have a bull’s-eye on our back, we are not going to sneak up on anybody this year. When you are the National League champions, you get everybody’s ‘A’ game.” While Wright knows that what they accomplished last year was special, he knows they can not be satisfied and lose their hunger. Wright went on to say, “We can’t rest on what we accomplished last year, we have to worry about coming together as a team this spring and getting the job done.’’  And while all the Mets want to accomplish the ultimate goal of a World Championship this upcoming season, the captain knows this team is built on its unbelievable young pitching staff. “They all get along, but they all compete against each other. They each want to be the ace of the staff. They all have that bulldog mentality, that heart.’’ And everyone knows Wright has waited long enough to see a winner in Flushing, “I’ve invested a lot of emotion and love into this organization and this fan base. And to see the players and the fans be rewarded for their loyalty last year, seeing the excitement looking into the stands and the fans’ faces, that’s something I will remember through the years.”

The captain of the Mets has been waiting since July 21st, 2004, for a world championship, and after coming so close in 2015, his chances of winning a championship are at an all-time high. However, as all Mets fans know, their chances of winning a championship lie on the shoulders of both a young and phenomenal pitching staff, and the offense, headlined by Yoenis Cespedes and of course just like it has been since 2004 the face of the franchise David Wright.

– D. Celauro

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