Osweiler in question already: Is he Worth it?

(Photo via DenverPost.com)

The Houston Texans scooped up Brock Osweiler for a pretty hefty fee. The Texans are set to pay him $72 Million over the next four years. Some critics are saying he has not proven himself and he got over payed. Ya know what, they’re right, but they’re wrong too.

What Critics of the Deal Will Say:

Factually, Brock Osweiler did get over payed, valid argument. Also, critics of the Texans move say, he’s only 5-2, he has not yet proven himself. This is a completely valid argument that I can not deny. It seems on paper that this is a ridiculous move that could backfire and cripple Houston’s payroll. However, I believe otherwise.

Why They’re Wrong

The Texans were a team last year that as the year progressed, they were able to prove they were a solid team. It kind of reminds me of the Boston Celtics a little. They are not super star loaded and they kind of just grind it out. So basically what I’m getting at is the Texans are a team with a lot of potential for growth, they’re just missing a good quarterback.

Taking on Osweiler at that kind of a salary is a risk, do not misinterpret that. People say he has not proven himself because he went 5-2 on a stacked team that, lets be honest, I could have won games under center with that lineup. That’s the risk you’re taking. It’s like doubling down in blackjack; it is a big risk, but in certain situations, if the odds are in your favor, it’s actually smart to take that risk.

This is one of those spots where you double down. To keep the gambling analogy going: it’s like you are sitting on 11 and the dealer is showing a 6. By taking on Brock, you’re saying I believe his upside potential outweighs the risks. So lets lay it out. The AFC South is awful. Houston made the playoffs at 9-7. They play the Colts, the Jags, and the Titans, none of which showed they can take the helm of the division. I think the Texan’s will be significantly better with Brock. Although they are playing in a bad division, I will say the Jags and Titans have made moves, so lookout for them.

Lastly, I have to say I think they were smart to pay him so much. Critics are saying he is being over payed. I can’t disagree on that, but the Texan’s had to do it. Osweiler was on the Super Bowl winning Broncos. He was Peyton Manning’s understudy and he is finally getting the keys to the Cadillac. You think he is just going to leave that? No shot. They had to pay him or he would have just stayed in Denver. It’s basic economics. The NFL has a shortage of QBs and they are in high demand, so the price is skyrocketing.


Bottom Line: Quality quarterbacks come few and far between in the NFL. (Just ask teams like the Jets, the Eagles, or the Browns). In my opinion, if you are a team with any sort of potential to make the playoffs and you don’t have a quarterback that can play at that level, you better find one. In football, contracts and careers are relatively short. If you have good players in the skill positions, you better get them a QB while they are in their prime. Otherwise, you are leaving potential out there and your team will underachieve (i.e. the Jets). 

The Texans are taking a risk, but I believe the odds are heavily in their favor. I expect the Texans to be a very solid team next year. Lookout, the AFC South has been a Colts dynasty for my lifetime, but now we are going to see the Texans and the Jaguars develop into quite the rivalry. Overall, the Texans are looking good and the real loser is Denver. They now have a HUGE void at the QB position and I don’t know if it can be filled…

– R. Ilardi

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