Are you not entertained???

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The time has come. With Selection Sunday nothing but a memory, dawn today marked the beginning of the hype. I don’t know about you, but listening to ESPN every second of the day is what I live for this week. I want nothing more than a hundred analysts spending hours making picks, only to have a couple early upsets change it all. I mean name another week where it is acceptable to call in sick and crack a cold one at 11 am. I have a professor that straight up said, there’s no class this Friday, (savage of the week nominee).

This is the one week where everyone is an ESPN insider. Nothing is better than the few mid-major fans that come crawling out of the woodwork screaming ‘I told you so’ when their school wins a second round game for the first time in history. And how can I leave out the Monday morning quarterbacking. I can’t wait for Skip Bayless to get on my TV screen and tell me something I already know as if he’s a prophet from the sports gods. I love when he talks about something that already happened as if he is predicting the future.
 “Stephen A. Smith, MY [Insert irrelevant team here] got it done in the second round. I was watching the game and my wife said they would lose. (Hey everyone, I’m married! Someone can tolerate the bull crap spewing out of the hole in my face.) So then I stopped tweeting annoying things, because I didn’t want to jinx it too. SO I’m here, with you, Stephen A., on a cable television show, to say I told you so America. I know it was an obvious pick, but I’m so very rarely correct about anything, so please let me have my 15 minutes.”
The world’s reaction to Skip after any rant:

So with that being said, lets get consumed by the hype. Lets enjoy it like it’s three weeks straight of Super Bowls. Everyone get ready to make as many bold predictions as possible with the hopes of getting one right so you can tell everyone on Twitter you called it. Get ready for an unhealthy consumption of beer and oven pizzas combined with Cinderella stories and fallen giants. Get ready for the greatest month of sports.

– R. Ilardi

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