8 Ways to Survive the rest of the Semester

Midterms and spring break are over. Easter is coming up in a couple of weeks. It’s nearly impossible to keep your mind focused when it’s getting warmer out and the sun is still up at 7 pm. Darty season is getting ready to start up, and with 6 weeks of the semester left, here are 8 ways to survive it.

1) Get your work done early. You already earned how to cram for tests and get a 5 page paper done 2 hours before it’s due. But now more than ever, get work done before deadlines to avoid unwanted stress.

2) Enjoy the weather. Its finally not 10 degrees outside, and that means it’s finally getting nice outside. Get off your phones and go outside. Go golfing, play kanjam and cornhole, honestly, do anything but stay inside. It’s good for you.

3) Get some sleep. As college kids, we forget what sleep is. Between work and going out, we take sleep for granted. Do yourself a favor and sleep at a normal time for a decent remainder of the semester. You don’t want to wear yourself down and get mono after finals weeks (trust me, it is horrible).

4) DARTY! Darty season is upon us. There’s no better way to enjoy the warm weather than being outside with 100 other people celebrating the end of the spring semester like a native american rain dance. Yes, brews are welcome and encouraged.

5) Stay calm. You know work is going to pile up and bite you in the ass. Remind yourself­you’ve survived it before. You can get through it again. Persevere, and remember that one test does not define your entire life.

6) Start a countdown. You can almost taste the light at the end of the tunnel, but you still have a ways to go. Keep a countdown until your last final for that extra motivation to finish strong.

7) Music. Listen to it, hear it, write it. Use music to your advantage. Concert season is coming (Fetty, he’s coming). Blast your favorite tunes with the windows down while driving down Park Ave. Wagon Wheel will ALWAYS make you happy.

8) Appreciate the little things. You’re going to have friends that are graduating or transferring or studying abroad for next semester. Be spontaneous. Appreciate the time you still have with them here. Don’t be afraid to take an hour break of your essay to drive to the Merritt for unnecessary Mac n Cheese bites at 3 am to spend time with your boys. Don’t pass it up. These are the times we remember when we turn old and wrinkly. Enjoy the times we have no before they pass us by.

And remember, whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.

– M. Fritz

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