Most Unpredictable Bracket of All Time

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March Madness is the most incredible and incredibly frustrating sports period of the year.  It’s the time of the year where everyone thinks that they have the perfect bracket, but then after the first day of competition, just about everyone says that they will never fill out a bracket ever again.  Unfortunately, this year will probably be the most difficult and incredibly infuriating bracket of all time.

This year in college basketball can be summed up in one word: Upsets.  Every single week it seemed that either the number one team in the nation was losing, or four to five top ten teams were losing. This did provide terrific entertainment night in and night out, but for us fans who are interested in winning March Madness brackets, this is very bad news.

After looking through the bracket, there really is no true dominant team, and it appears that any team can lose to anyone at any point in the tournament, and you can really make a case for just about anyone to come out on top.  Kansas appeared to be the most consistent team this season, which is why they are the number one seed, but even they could be a threat to be upset in their potential matchup with UCONN in the round of 32.  Even the play-in games appear to be unpredictable this year, and they could be some of the best games of the entire tournament.

If this tournament is anything like the regular season, we may be in for one of the greatest March’s ever.  However, if this tournament is anything like the regular season, don’t be surprised if you want to set fire to your bracket after the first game either.

– C. Homola

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