Buzzer Beating Madness

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The first official weekend of March Madness has kicked off and in the Providence Friars game in the round of 64, they had the challenge of taking on the USC Trojans. The mood on the Providence campus was electric, as fans were confident that they would win the game, and all students flocked to their friends’ dorms to watch. Then, as the game got going, the fans of Providence were in for a thriller.

The Friars hung around all game, and never let USC gain a large lead. As time was almost up, the Friars found themselves down by three, 68-65, but that’s when their leader Kris Dunn took over knocking down a game tying three with approximately 90 seconds left. The Trojans then took a one-point lead on a free-throw by Bennie Boatwright. This gave the Friar Faithful panic attacks, but the team knew it was not over. With 1.5 seconds left on the clock the Friars had the ball under the hoop, and in-bounded it to Rodney Bullock, who made his layup to seal the deal, and gave the Friars their first madness win since 1997.

Once the layup was made, the campus went into a frenzy, and all the students went out into the streets to celebrate. The Friars win earned them a date with top-seeded UNC, a match-up no college team wants to see on the first weekend of March Madness. UNC won somewhat handily by a final of 85-66. This loss was a heartbreaker for Friartown, but can not take away from what Kriss Dunn and his fellow Friars were able to do this year.

– K. Troy

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