David Wright Returns

(Photo via nypost.com)

After an injury filled season, which eventually ended in his first World Series appearance, David Wright looks to bounce back this upcoming season and hopefully return to the form that allowed him to be a consistent All-Star third baseman.  He took his first steps on Friday, when he appeared in his first Spring Training game of the season against the Nationals.  Wright went 2 for 3 and was encouraged by his first game back.  Obviously it is too soon to tell whether he will be successful this season, but it certainly was good to see David back on the field.

As the captain of the Mets, David Wright’s role goes much further than hitting and fielding.  We all know that his offense is declining, and we all know that his defense is not what is used to be either.  However, by simply being on the field, and being in the dugout, Wright leads this team.  When he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis during last season’s trip to the DL, it was worrying, not just for the Mets season, but for the captain’s career as well.  Many people, including myself, feared that we would never see the captain in a Mets jersey ever again.  However, he did not give up and continued to rehab, hoping he would return to a team in the midst of playoff push.  Upon his return, David was clearly still affected by his condition, but it was clear to see how his very presence inspired his teammates, and that is what makes a captain.  No matter how David plays, no matter how much he plays, he is the leader of this team, and if he goes, the Mets go.

Although he may never be able to find his old self on offense or defense, the Mets need David Wright, and David Wright needs the Mets.

– C. Homola

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