Thank You Kris

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Saturday night saw the demise of the Providence Friars dream season, one in which they had made the top ten and won a March Madness game for the first time in 19 years. While the season’s over, it was still an awesome run, and the team will be back and ready to go next season. However, it will be without current team superstar Kris Dunn, who will be graduating this year and heading into the NBA draft. As reports coming out today of his plan to hire an agent and enter the NBA draft have made Dunn’s commitment to the NBA official, all we can do now is thank Kris for what he gave us over the course of his career at PC.

Dunn’s life story was told earlier this year in a Sports Illustrated article. It highlighted his tremendously rough up-bringing’s, and eventual commitment to Providence. When Dunn first committed here, I had no clue what Providence was other than a city in Rhode Island, but Dunn changed all that. In Dunn’s first two seasons in Providence, he was not much of a factor on the team, and it was mainly Bryce Cotton, who led the Friars to a Big East Tournament Championship in 2014. The next year when Cotton was gone Dunn, did him one better.

This was now Dunn’s team. Yes, there was a lot of talk about LaDontae Henton, but this was Dunn’s team. This was his break out season, and he managed to get the Friars into the top 25 for the first time in 10 years. They were unable to repeat as Big East champions, but they made the big dance regardless, but sadly lost in the first round. Then, this season, his senior year, he was a monster. Dunn led the team not only into the top 25, but into the top 10. Once again, the team made the big dance, and for the first time in 19 years, won a game in the tournament. Sadly, now the run is over, and so is Dunn’s time in college.

Looking at his time here in Providence, there were very small successes, but there was a large change. When I told people I wanted to go to Providence College, many of them had either not heard of it, or didn’t even know where Providence was. Now, after this past season, people all know the school that was in the top 10; I met people who went to games just to watch Dunn. So while we never got to see a national championship in basketball, Dunn took a little known school and made them known throughout the country. He put the small private school on the map and made it extremely fun to watch, and that is how he “Got it Dunn.” Thanks Kris.

– K. Troy


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