Is Lebron Leaving Cleveland?

Lebron is a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers team that is having as rocky a season as a conference leader can have.  The Cavs have gone through a highly controversial coaching change, team chemistry issues and struggles on the court. Lebron and the gang are the one seed in the Eastern Conference, but they are definitely underdogs come the NBA Finals where they will most likely have to face the Golden State Warriors.

And this is where things get interesting. Lebron James is a free agent at the end of this season. As the clouds in Cleveland get darker, I’m beginning to wonder; Will Lebron leave again?

In my opinion, he has a better chance of winning a championship if he leaves and joins forces with other free agents like a Kevin Durant or people with opt out clauses such as Carmelo Anthony. Cleveland just doesn’t have what it takes to win this year. They are losing games in the regular season that they shouldn’t be losing. That has teams like the Celtics and the Raptors salivating at the opportunity to take on the Cavs in the Conference Finals.

After yet another loss in Miami,  Lebron James unfollowed the Cavs on twitter. What does this mean? Critics of Lebron say he’s making a statement. He is letting the Cavs know they are lucky to have him and he can leave. James himself says he is just trying to get rid of the distraction as he mentally prepares for the playoffs. James went on to later say he might make a snapchat.


Which one is it? This is where I personally have an issue. It’s another example of hypocrisy. If Lebron said he is getting rid of twitter all together, then his statement would make sense, but what does unfollowing the Cavs organization have to do with cutting out distractions? The Cavs twitter account isn’t going to be the one trolling him an jabbing him with criticism.  So to me that logic just doesn’t hold up. Secondly, making a snapchat doesn’t support his statement of cutting out distraction.

My opinion is that Lebron James got frustrated after another loss to the Heat and unfollowed the Cavs for some unknown reason. No I don’t think this is a power play. I don’t think this is warning for anything to come. I think this was a move made out of anger and being Lebron, it got caught in the spotlight. Do I think he leaves Cleveland after the season? I’m honestly just not sure, but I can tell you I wouldn’t be surprised. He did leave Cleveland to work out with D Wade recently. Who knows what they were talking about or what kind of meetings went down during his spur of the moment trip to Miami?

So what colors will Lebron be wearing next season? Your guess is as good as mine.


-Ryan Ilardi

1 thought on “Is Lebron Leaving Cleveland?”

  1. I heard Van Gundy on Mike & Mike. The expected “no call” complaints were there. I watched the arm wrestling match between LBJ and that 19 Y.O. kid on Detroit. There was enough contact on both sides to call “foul” every 10 seconds…..


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