Rory­: Par-­3 Contest a “Distraction to me”

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One of the longest running traditions on the PGA Tour is the Par-­3 contest the Wednesday of Master’s week down at Augusta. This is an event that fans and players alike look forward to all year, where players have their friends and family caddie for them, and a chance to play a rare round of golf with their young children in a relaxed setting. All around, it is a great event for everyone involved.

Just the other day, Rory McIlroy made a public statement about the Par 3 contest. “It is a bit of a distraction and the year I had my best chance at Augusta in 2011, I didn’t play in the Par-3 contest. So maybe the decision to not play in it this year can work in my favor,” McIlroy said.

The Par 3 contest can get hectic. It’s more little kids in over-sized caddie­ suits and celebrities making appearances than an actual Par-­3 contest. If this happened at any other major event, players would most likely be working to get it banned.

Golfers are very superstitious, and I can attest to that one. I have my own daily routines and pre-round rituals that cannot be changed, or else the entire universe will be unaligned. But I can only imagine how much that is amplified if you are a professional trying to get his first Green Jacket.

Rory is going into this years Masters overshadowed by Jordan Speith, who is looking for back-­to-­back Masters wins, Jason Day, who is looking for wins two weeks in a row, and Adam Scott, who leads the FedEx cup leaderboard and is chasing his second jacket.

Rory, I respect your decision to skip the event, but it’s a ballsy comment to say it’s “distracting”. You better get that win, or else you’re just nothing but excuses for 6 Masters tournaments in a row.

Good Luck, Mr. McIlroy.

– M. Fritz

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