ATB Sports Masters Pool

This is a fund raiser for ATB Sports. A portion of the proceeds will be put into our merchandise fund. We are a company that is run by college kids for college kids. This means we want to offer our products and services to our peers a an affordable rate. 

If you support our cause, or simply just want to play, we greatly appreciate your support. For any questons jsut email 

Contest Rules:

Pick five golfers in the field in this year’s Masters field. We will be taking the gross score of these five players. The contestant with the lowest score to par will win a visa gift card. The exact amount of prizes and values will be announced at the start of play on Thursday April 7, 2016. (*The amount of money on the gift card as well as the number of cards will be determined by the amount of entries we receive. The more people that enter the more we can give away!)

How to enter:

You can create as many entries as you like. Each entry costs $10.00 payable in cash to an ATB Sports team member or through the middle man of Venmo. Simply add @ATB_Sports on Venmo and transfer the $10.00. Then all you need to do is simply send us your picks!

Bonus: Refer five (5) friends and get a free entry. Tell them to mention in their email entry that you refereed them and you will get a free entry.

How to send in your picks:

You can email us your picks @ Simply list your five players and wait for a confirmation. It’s that easy!


We will use the funds raised from entries as a purse, just like The Masters. This means that the more people enter, the more you could win.


Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter @After_theBuzzer for updates.



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